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Professor Shlomo Vinker, President of WONCA Europe, MD MHA
  • 57 years old, married with four children, living in Ashdod (A port and recreation city on the Mediterranean coast).
  • An active family physician, working in an urban clinic.
  • Full Professor in Family Medicine, Vice Dean for community teaching, and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv.
  • Published more than 200 research papers in peer reviewed medical journals cited in PubMed.
  • WONCA EUROPE – Member at large(2016-2019), President Elect(2019-2021), President(2021-)
  • EGPRN – Executive board member (2015- ), and chair of the educational committee (2018-).
  • IAFP (The Israeli Association of Family Physicians) – Chairman (2009-2018), honorary treasurer (2018-). As chairman I led a change in the residency program, shifting most of the residency time outside the hospital wards to family medicine and ambulatory setting. Under my leadership, IAFP founded a plan for research grants, which gave a long the years hundreds of thousands of dollars to encourage research in family medicine. I founded an open Wiki website with high quality medical information, having now more than 6,600 articles and millions of annual entries.
  • Leumit Health Services – Chief Medical Officer of a nationwide healthcare organization serving about 730,000 patients.
  • Established a research institute in Leumit and chairing it from 2018 aiming to enhance research capacity in family medicine and primary care. We published more than 10 COVID-19 related publications. One “Low plasma 25(OH) vitamin D level is associated with increased risk of COVID-19 infection: an Israeli population-based study” had been cited 97, less than one year since its publication.

Rural family medicine:

“To be a rural family doctor preserves the holistic approach of family medicine and the long term patient-doctor relationship. It should be “The Jewel in the Crown” of family medicine”

Professor Joyce Kenkre, Emeritus Professor University of South Wales

Joyce Kenkre is Emeritas Professor of Primary Care at the University of South Wales, in the UK. She has been grant holder on over £31million research and infrastructure grants. Joyce has conducted over 90 research projects including the clinical therapeutic trials, randomised controlled trials, epidemiological, point of care testing, analysis of large datasets and evaluation of service provision resulting in numerous publications. She has been integral over the years to the development of the infrastructure for research in Primary Care in Wales. Amongst other roles Joyce leads for working with industry for the South East Wales Academic Health Science Partnership, is a member of the International Advisory Board for the European Rural Isolated Practitioners Association (EURIPA) and Council member for Rural WONCA.

Professor Adam Windak, Department of Family Medicine, Jagiellonian University – Collegium Medicum, Cracow, Poland

Professor Adam Windak M.D, Ph.D. is a Full Professor and Head of the Department of Family Medicine at Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow, Poland. He also works as a family physician in a group practice in Cracow. He is a Funder, Past President and current Vice-President of the College of Family Physicians in Poland. He coordinated several international educational projects (Tempus, Leonardo da Vinci) financed by the European Union. He was a leader of several research projects and author of over three hundreds national and international publications. Cumulated Impact Factor of all his publications is 132 with a total number of citations 901 (h-index 14). Hi is an Associated Editor of the European Journal of General Practice and WONCA Europe Executive Board Member. His research interest includes health service sciences, medical education and quality of primary health care with special focus on cardiovascular diseases. His wife is also a doctor, specialist in neurology. He has two adult children – both are lawyers, and three wonderful grandchildren. He enjoys skiing, playing tennis and bridge, but his true passion is sailing. In 2012, he sailed around the famous Cape Horn on the yacht Selma Expeditions.

Professor Przemysław Kardas, Department of Family Medicine, Medical University of Lodz, Poland

Prof. Przemyslaw Kardas, MD, PhD is a founder and Director of Medication Adherence Research Center at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. He is also Professor of Family Medicine and the Head of the Department of Family Medicine at the Medical University of Lodz, Poland. His professional activities focus on patient adherence to medication, management of chronic conditions, active and healthy ageing, Big Data and eHealth. He is the author of a number of peer-reviewed scientific publications and conference presentations, as well as four monographs. He is a member of several editorial boards and a reviewer for a number of medical journals. He serves as an expert to European Commission in Public Health under Horizon 2020 program. He was a Promoter to EIP on AHA Action Group A1: Prescription and adherence to treatment. He is involved in numerous international research collaborations, and EU projects. He was a Scientific Director of the European research initiative Ascertaining Barriers for Compliance ( under 7th Framework Programme (2009-2012), and the President of European Society for Patient Compliance, Adherence, and Persistence (ESPACOMP) scientific association (2010-2011). Between 2017-2020, he headed SKILLS4ADHERENCE Project – an European training program for medical professionals in the area of adherence and polypharmacy management in elderly.



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